Company Profile


Company Profile

Since 1995, Brooks & Sparks has established itself as an industry leader in providing civil engineering services for site development, public works and urban infrastructure projects that extend from site design through the construction process. We specialize in developing plans, specifications, engineering estimates, and construction management for both small and large projects in the areas of: water distribution, wastewater and sewage collection (both treatment and disposal), drainage and flood control, roadways, highways, park and recreational facilities, schools, stadiums and numerous other civil engineering related projects.

Industry veterans Frank Brooks and Randy Sparks have built Brooks & Sparks into a premier civil engineering practice by focusing on proven solutions for their clients. The firm takes pride in the integrity, character, and responsiveness of our highly effective and experienced staff.

All the necessary resources needed for the successful completion of your project are available through Brooks & Sparks:

  • Experience with Small and Large Projects: The Brooks & Sparks team of personnel has extensive experience with projects of various sizes and complexity.
  • Highly Skilled Staff: Our staff of engineers and technicians are highly effective professionals who enjoy the challenges presented by complex and difficult projects. Their solutions are often creative and innovative, resulting in superior projects and satisfied clients.
  • Emerging Technology: Our capabilities in automated design, analysis, plan production, and project management provide our clients with collaborative and complete construction documents which translate into accurate bids and ultimately better assets for our clients.
  • Responsiveness: Brooks & Sparks takes pride in serving our clients with a high level of responsiveness in a personal manner.

In association with West Belt Surveying, Inc., we also have full-time surveying crews available, plus several supporting staff members to meet the surveying needs of our clients.